Google’s Global Development Strategies

As you all might know, and if you don’t you should, Google is the world’s biggest search engine. The massive power of Google is almost unchallenged by any other Search Engine available, and generally if there is any competition Google would just buy out their company. Although a company as big as Google are always forward thinking and creating new and innovative ways themselves to develop their reach globally.

If you take a venture into Google’s Google Labs you can see some of the things they have been adding in order to expand their reach. These are very interesting and the new online projects will revolutionize the way we communicate and conduct business.

One of the top strategies and the thing that caught our attention was Google Shared Spaces. What this little addition to Google will do is increase the efficiency in most modern businesses. Google spaces is an interactive platform between all of the employees. The ability of this tool allows users to share in real time all the information they need. If there are companies that have employees spread over a country or the world, they can now brainstorm, do surveys and even time frame management all in one single gadget. What this allows is for a higher efficiency in sharing critical information and thus creating a faster result orientated environment. This is one of Google’s top tools that was launched only a few months ago, and due to its infancy not many people have put it to use. Either way this tool will have a significant impact on the world’s economy due to the increased productivity between office employees.

Yet another Google strategy for global development comes through the Android creation app. This Application allows users that do not have a programming background to create applications for the Google Android. This allows ordinary people to create any app they want for the Android device. It is a very bold move from Google and will allow open source app creations to flood the market with new user apps. Taking into consideration what this type of strategy did for games like Little Big Planet, we will begin to see a massive amount of user made apps appear online. It is likely that the user we will see more opportunities to make money, and to share creative input into technological advances. This Android app creation tool is revolutionary; it allows for the merging of collective creativity around the world. We’ll soon begin to see applications that are more user friendly and more specific to those users needs.

The last little gadget we’ll cover in Google’s global development strategies is the Aardvark. This genius gadget is probably one of the most useful tools out there. What the Aardvark actually does is act as a platform that will connect you to people who might have the information you are seeking. By searching through all of the major social networks it picks up on the keywords you are searching for, and connects you with a person most qualified to answer your queries. In the world of information sourcing this is a very powerful tool. This will mean not having to read through countless texts in order to satisfy your needs, instead you will be able to actually speak to a person who is a master in his field. Can you imagine what impact that will have in the validity of research and the effectiveness of first hand information?

Google has been a pioneer in its niche since it first appeared to the world. Google also has several other projects such as commercial space exploration, and creating greener technology to save the planet. But for now the Google gadgets are revolutionizing the world as we know it. We have briefly touched on just a few of the new strategies and applications that Google have added to their services. These will have a massive impact that we cannot adequately calculate. One thing is for sure though that the addition of these new technological gadgets to the users arsenal will create an influx of information that will speed up global development processes. Google has many secret projects that are nearly impossible to access, but we’ll see if we can find a back-door into finding out what Google is cooking in their programming kitchen.

Author – Lucien Moons

International Business development Consultant

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